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BigBand Puts The Spotlight On Digital Video Networking At IBC 2009

Highlighting the strength of its commitment to the international marketplace, BigBand Networks, a leader in digital video networking, showcased three key video delivery solutions at IBC 2009.
BigBand's IP-video delivery suite, vIP PASST; its network-based media processing platform, the BigBand MSP2000; and its converged video delivery platform, Converged Video Exchange of CVExT, will all be making their debuts at this major European trade show.
Rick Ford, Vice President of International Sales, BigBand Networks, said: "We are looking forward to using our appearance at IBC to showcase our next generation video product lines to telcos and other service providers across the EMEA region. Video is increasingly becoming a core component of our customers' product suites. And at BigBand, we are focused on helping them to deliver a consistently high-quality video experience to their customers across multiple platforms to a broad range of devices."
The BigBand MSP2000 is designed to be a future-proofed platform, which can help broadband service providers including telco operators, seamlessly transition from a broadcast video distribution model to the comparatively cost-effective personalised video delivery of a range of service such as IPTV, addressable advertising and higher-quality multi-channel HD. By offering the capability to deliver these differentiated personalised applications, the solution gives providers the opportunity to generate new revenue streams.
At IBC, BigBand will demonstrate a range of capabilities delivered by the BigBand MSP2000, including the ability to splice and insert ads directly into encrypted video streams, time-shift TV and fast channel change.BigBand will also be showcasing its IP-video delivery product suite for the cable industry, vIP PASS. The vIP PASS suite is designed to capitalise on existing infrastructure and deliver a smart three screen IPTV solution via DOCSIS 3.0 modems.
vIP PASS "wraps" video in DOCSIS, the industry's signalling standard, to deliver quality video streams to IP-enabled cable modems without incurring the overhead of a cable modem termination system (CMTS) expansion. The live demonstration will show how service providers can deliver video to the "three screens" consumers want most - TVs, PCs and mobile devices - while saving valuable CMTS bandwidth for voice and data.
BigBand will also be unveiling its Converged Video exchange or CVExT solution - designed to provide service providers with a means to unify multicast and unicast services. Such a video convergence strategy will give operators a common interface, allowing them to rapidly roll-out services to traditional MPEG set-top boxes and next generation IP devices, includng PCs, TVs and ultimately mobile devices. While maintaining quality of service, this will allow bandwidth across the networks to be pooled and reallocated dynamically as needed.
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