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Dual Panel Operation For Overture2 Announced

A leading provider of professional video production switchers and broadcast tools, Echolab, has announced the availability of dual panel operation for the company's advanced Overture2 standard definition (SD) and multidefinition (MD) video production system. Dual panel operation allows one Overture2 switcher chassis to operate under the control of two panels, each panel controlling one of the two independent M/Es, thus providing users with the flexibility to produce two independent productions or to use separate control panels for collaborative switching of a single program.
"The added versatility the dual panel operation brings to the Overture2 switcher not only enables better sharing of sources across a facility, but also reduces overall equipment costs by allowing a single switcher chassis to support multiple productions," said Echolab President Nigel Spratling.
"The Echolab Overture2 is designed to offer high-end functionality and intuitive operation at a competitive price point, and the dual panel operation enhances the value of these switching systems by allowing users to get broader use out of a single, compact, and cost-effective switching system."
Dual panel operation allows production facilities to install just one switcher system in support of two studios and control rooms.
The second control panel may be used as many as 100 meters from the switcher chassis. In live entertainment production, the dual panel operation simplifies simultaneous switching of on-stage video and a broadcast feed. Rather than work around each other at a single control interface, two operators can switch more comfortably and effectively from their own panels.
Dual panel operation is also valuable in training applications, giving instructors the ability to oversee and, if necessary, override the student using a separate panel. Because button presses on the 1-M/E panel cause corresponding buttons to light on the main control panel, it's easy for the instructor or student to see what the other is doing as they switch a program.
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