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Autodesk Lustre 2007 Digital Colour Grading System Improves Creative Process

Extension 1 for the Autodesk Lustre 2007 digital colour grading system is now available exclusively to Lustre subscription customers.
With this extension, Lustre 2007 extracts greater performance from the graphical processing unit (GPU) on Windows-based personal computers (PCs), thereby accelerating the digital grading process. By using Lustre 2007, colourists can work in parallel with Autodesk Flame and Autodesk Smoke systems users, improving collaboration and completing projects faster.
Lustre has been used to digitally grade numerous films, including Babel, The Black Dahlia and King Kong, as well as television commercials for Best Buy, Arctic Cat and others. Today, all Lustre configurations are capable of delivering real-time colour grading functionality that traditionally required expensive, proprietary hardware.
Key Features & Benefits:
  • Colour grading tools, such as RGB curves and Gamma, are processed using the GPU. This enables colourists to develop computationally intensive looks that combine multiple secondaries, complex animated shapes, keying and tracking, with instant access to real-time playback;
  • All secondary layers can be processed by the GPU.
Autodesk Lustre 2007 Extension 1 is available for download, free-of-charge to Autodesk Lustre customers with valid subscription contracts.
For information on becoming a Lustre subscription customer, please contact your local Autodesk sales representative. For product information, please visit:

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