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Prism Sound dScope III Version 1.2 software supports acoustic and PC audio measurements

Prism Sound has launched Version 1.2 of its successful dScope III audio analyzer software.
The new dScope Version 1.2 software, which represents a major upgrade in the functionality of the unit, now incorporates a number of features that have been frequently requested by the audio test community. The new version 1.2 software will provide a package of tools for Acoustic measurements and another package for PC audio.
The PC Audio package is aimed at users who need to test the complex devices that appear as part of the PC’s audio system (sound cards, Bluetooth headsets etc). Prism Sound has provided wavetable-based generation and FFT-based analysis via Windows sound devices, in addition to the full capability of the dScope Series II audio analyser system hardware.
The versatility of the compact and cost effective dScope III audio analyser makes it suitable for a wide range of digital and analogue audio applications, which is why it has become the test and measurement tool of choice for so many organisations and manufacturers. Among the market sectors that have embraced dScope are broadcast, multimedia, CD, DVD, computer audio, transducer, digital telephony and communications.
dScope III is comprehensive and accurate for R&D applications, portable and intuitive for maintenance or field service and fast, automatic and IT-friendly for the production line.
As well as covering the traditional audio test functions, dScope incorporates all the features needed to work with the latest audio technologies. These include digital interface test tools such as carrier waveform and eye-pattern display, jitter measurement and AES3/IEC60958 channel status generation and analysis as well as support for higher sampling rates.
dScope has a uniquely simple, state-of-the-art synchronous multi-tone capability, which can measure dozens of parameters simultaneously.

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