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PMC release world’s first digitally powered monitors

First shown at this year's AES exhibition in Berlin, the PMC DB1S-A and TB2S-A are the world's first digitally powered professional monitors.
The two new models are based on the award winning DB1 and TB2 passive near/midfield monitor designs. The DB1 has the distinction of being the world’s smallest transmission line design, providing the advantages of PMC Advanced Transmission Line (ATL) technology from a compact monitor just over 11 inches tall.
The two-way DB1S-A and TB2S-A further incorporate recent driver and crossover design enhancements to the corresponding passive models, the DB1S+ and TB2S+.
These include the incorporation of the PMC soft dome tweeter featured in the company’s larger LB, AB, IB, MB2 and BB5 designs, lowering of the cross-over point from 3kHz to 2kHz for true second order roll off and the inclusion of high grade Solen capacitors in the cross-over network.
These improvements allow for lower distortion, better driver integration and improved power handling, as well as providing the DB1S-A and TB2S-A with the same sonic ‘imprint’ of larger PMC systems.
As such, these compact monitors do not display the usual performance constraints characteristic of smaller monitor designs, but provide signal reproduction on a scale comparable with cabinets several times their size.
The DB1S-A and TB2S-A benefit from the unrivalled power-to-weight and size advantages of the Flying Mole digital Bi-Phase Fusion amplification technology used to activate them. Flying Mole is the world’s first professional reference class digital power amplification. The power modules built into each cabinet weigh just 650 grams and yet deliver 160W into 4 ohms. The newly developed, proprietary micro-circuitry removes the need for separate audio and switch-mode power supply circuits and the resulting power conversion efficiency (85%) allows the units to run far cooler than either conventional analogue or existing digital amplifier designs.
At just 30W, maximum continuous power consumption is 1/8 of rated output (160W into 4 ohms); as total power consumption using two units is only 60W, harmonic current standards do not apply.
The DB1S-A and the larger TB2S-A feature PMC’s proprietary 140mm and 170mm high performance LF drivers, respectively. Advanced Transmission Line (ATL) technology and cabinet design, along with high quality, hand built crossover electronics, ensure ultra low distortion and compression characteristics, enabling consistent performance at high SPLs.
The units feature the unrivalled high-resolution signal performance, tonal accuracy and extended dynamic range characteristic of all PMC monitor designs.
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