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Globalstor and Breece Hill to demonstrate scalable disc-to-disc-to-tape solution

Globalstor Data Corporation, a leading distributor of network storage solutions, and Breece Hill LLC, a manufacturer of tape autoloaders, libraries and integrated information storage appliances, has announced that Globalstor will demonstrate Breece Hill’s iStoRA 4000 disc-to-disc-to-tape (D2D2T) data protection product in its booth at the annual Storage World Conference (SWC) in Long Beach, California.
Developed to provide small to medium business (SMB) and enterprise (SME) customers with enterprise-level replication, backup, migration, and individual file recovery utilizing disk, tape and other removable media, iStoRA combines the best features of both disc and tape technology for a complete, easy-to-use, affordable data storage solution.
Based on Breece Hill's Information Storage and Retrieval Architecture, the iStoRA 4000 is a 4U rack mountable, data protection appliance featuring a 1.5 TB Serial-ATA disk array and tape autoloader providing a choice of tape formats for capacities reaching 13 TB. iStoRA 4000 integrates an Intel-based server with data protection software that performs policy- (or rules-) based data traffic and storage management. To best exemplify a typical SMB installation, Globalstor will demonstrate the iStoRA on a SAN with an SGI system using Windows 2000.
“Today’s small to medium sized businesses and enterprises need information storage that economically meets complex business and regulatory requirements for data protection and retention," said Scott Leif, President of Globalstor Data. "This product will be a powerful addition to our family of fully integrated storage solutions, ensuring ease of deployment, ease of use, ease of management, and reduced requirements for IT resources — all in single rack-mountable enclosure.”
Shipping pre-configured with management software, Breece Hill’s product integrates the storage capabilities normally found in larger and more expensive storage solutions. This includes automated data lifecycle management—with staged disk-to-tape backup, file migration and replication and file tracking—in a point-and-click solution that anyone can manage.
"The iStoRA 4000 delivers seamless integration of tape, disk and software to help SMBs and enterprise departments manage automatic data replication, backup, archiving, and recovery," said Phil Pascarelli, President of Breece Hill, LLC. “Paired with the scalable storage solutions, integration and support offered by Globalstor Data, today’s ‘small’ businesses can use sophisticated storage management without overstretching their IT dollars.”

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