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Product Video Highlights New Robe T11 Luminaire

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Robe lighting s.r.o. has launched the full-form product video for its new T11 luminaire, the latest in its hugely popular and successful 'T' series, fine-tuned to deliver outstanding performance and full flexibility.

T11 is a static fixture – available in three versions (Profile, Fresnel and PC) – designed to be a perfect investment for any venue - especially theatres and performance spaces - seeking to renew their existing ‘generic’ lighting rigs and upgrade to the latest LED technology with all Robe’s guaranteed reliability and quality.

This genuine three-in-one solution in a single fixture housing alleviates the additional cost of separate 'generic' purchases and looks forward to a more sustainable future.

The MSL-TE™ 350W LED engine itself generates 16,760 Lumens, giving 9,500 lumens from the T11 Profile, 9,600 lumens out of the T11 Fresnel and 9,400 lumens for the T11 PC, and being a TE light source, brings all the advantages of straightforward exchange or replacement.

Building on Robe's innovative MSL™ (Multi-Spectral Light) colour ideas and TE™ (TRANSFERABLE ENGINE) technology, the T11 offers the incredible colour finesse that has made the entire T series so successful.

This concept first developed by Robe enables different and interchangeable LED engines in the same fixture hardware, which can be quickly changed / 'transferred' in 5 to 7 minutes.

The LED technology also provides identical colour characteristics, responses, and ultimate control of all T series luminaires for precise colour consistency across any Robe lighting installation.

A rapid-change front lens system transforms the T11 into the Profile, Fresnel or PC variants making it an even more cost-effective and adaptable creative tool with fabulous optical quality!

High-definition optics deliver accurate projection and beam control, with an impressive wide-ranging 10:1 ratio 5-50° zoom from the T11 Profile unit’s single, integral lens tube (without needing additional lens tubes or optical variants).

The T11 Fresnel offers a classically Fresnel-style beam while the PC version has an authentic soft-edged PC beam, both with a wide-ranging 5-60° zoom.

Knowing the importance of CT whites for applications like theatre and television, there is a virtually controlled CCT range between 2.700K to 8.000K. Calibrated whites and fantastic tungsten emulation ensure perfectly rendered skin tones every time due to the T11’s high TLCI and TM30-18 ratings and the exceptional CRI of 95+.

The T11 Profile ’s manual shuttering system is accurate and easy to use, and in the fresnel version it functions as an internal barn door.

Integral to the T11 Profile, is a manual 1° MagFrost™ (Magnetic Paddle System) for instant softening, standard on this fixture which also has optional 5° and other frosts available. The T11 PC and T11 Fresnel fixtures have a 5° MagFrost as standard, plus a range of optional frosts.

Designed to be compact and unobtrusive, the T11 is ideal for noise-sensitive environments like concert halls and for anything from orchestral work to corporate and business presentations and other spoken-word scenarios.

With TV studios, multi camera and HD recording and broadcasting environments in mind, the T11 runs Cpulse™ flicker-free software and has a dedicated plus / minus green channel control.

To increase gobo capacity of the T11 Profile from the single breakup gobo and holder included with the fixture, an optional drop-in module containing two rotating and three static gobos is available, fitted using Robe’s standard slot-and-lock system. Easy to install and with a motorised iris included, this allows the dual projection of both static and rotating gobos to produce more dynamic effects.
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