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3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Marketing Your Luxury Hotel Through Video

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You might imagine that when your hotel's whole marketing message comes down to the last word in opulence, contacting a dedicated luxury hotel video production company like TMC to work on your next campaign is a guaranteed winner.

However, it's also true that even the most capable creative agencies cannot be sure of knowing all of your priorities and requirements from a video marketing campaign if you do not tell them. That's why it’s well worth first establishing your answers to the below questions.

Why is video a marketing medium you are interested in?
Your interest in collaborating with a luxury hotel video production company may have been piqued by a range of factors. Perhaps you've read about the escalating demand for video content around the globe? Or maybe on questioning your guests, you've discovered that they're more impressed by your hotel 'in the flesh' than they are by the present still or moving images on your website?

Alternatively, your obvious competitors may have begun to make extensive use of video recently, so you might fear you need to do the same to avoid them stealing a march on you.

Whatever your motivations for seeking out video production capabilities like our own – even if they may seem to be ‘negative’ or ‘defensive’ reasons at first – here at TMC, knowing those reasons will help us to zoom in on what your purpose, goals and vision will be for your video.

Where will the video be distributed?
Does the part of the web where you will be placing your video really matter, as long as the video itself is good? Well, the short answer is yes, it does matter – not least as content and distribution really go hand in hand when it comes to making a luxury hotel marketing video a success.

Investing heavily in video production but barely giving much thought to where your video will be distributed is akin to attempting to get fit through exercise while neglecting your diet or choice of gym.

So, whether you expect the resultant video to appear on your luxury hotel’s website, other travel sites like TripAdvisor, social media, video platforms like YouTube or elsewhere, it’s a really good idea to at least carefully consider this question.

What type of video do you have in mind?
The aforementioned 'where' question is so important in part because it will also shape your choices with regard to the type of videos you have produced by an agency like TMC.

While such factors as your hotel's distinctive style and the clientele that you are looking to attract will also influence how you answer this question, common types of video for luxury hotels range from promotional video reels and voiceover videos to social media-friendly micro content and video 'chapters' focusing on specific features of the establishment in question.

Naturally, the above are not the only questions that you are likely to need to ask yourself when you are contemplating working with a luxury hotel video production company – or for that matter, if you are already speaking to one. Nonetheless, knowing some answers to these questions at an early stage will help you to be better informed and decisive when talking to an agency like ours.

You can talk to us, in fact, by simply getting in touch with us in London or Ayrshire today . Allow us to assist you in transforming the effectiveness of your high-end hotel's online presence through the magic of video.
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