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Adrenalin @ Rushes complete new Beta Band promo

John Maclean and Robin Jones from Beta Band have directed their own video promo, which depicts the history of warfare from the early cavemen, to the nuclear age of today.
Rushes Matt Jackson said: "The idea was to create a one shot music video, surreally moving through the ages of human conflict, like an apocalyptic relay race."
Shot on the empty beach at Camber Sands we see a solitary caveman pluck a large and dimly glowing phial that protrudes from the sand. He continues along the beach in the direction of the moving camera until he is attacked and netted by two Moorish warriors who steal the phial. The Moorish Warriors continue along the beach until Saxon Warriors attack the pair, steal the phial and carry their journey forward. We see a succession of warriors, repeat the process undertaken by the last, each terminating their historical predecessor and continuing along the beach.
Reaching the 20th century, the warriors take on a more recognisable form, while the skyline becomes visibly darker and more menacing. First World War soldiers are surrounded by glowing flares and they are followed by US Army soldiers during Vietnam. Above their heads flies a US Vietnam issue Huey helicopter.
Jackson said: "Explosions, smoke and camera shake were added to this World War sequence in Inferno to enhance the atmosphere."
The combat helicopters were tracked and animated by Luke Millar in 3D and then composited in Inferno.
As we reach the 21st Century, a solitary modern soldier carries the now brightly glowing phial and places it in the hands of an Army General. Two desks face each other on the beach, in between which, is a mount. The General places the phial on the mount and as he pushes it firmly into place a nuclear explosion erupts, engulfing the screen in white light and eventually whiting it out completely.

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