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Studio Technologies Expands Line Of Dante-Compliant Solutions

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Studio Technologies has expanded its line of Dante®-compliant products with the introduction of the Model 374A Intercom Beltpack.

An update of the original Model 374, the new Model 374A includes additional capabilities and a personal-computer-based method of configuring the unit. The beltpack continues to offer four channels of high-quality party-line (PL) intercom in a compact, user-worn package, which makes it ideal for a variety of on-air broadcast, live event, theatre, and commercial environments.

"The Model 374A is the latest addition to the Studio Technologies range of Dante intercom beltpacks," said Gordon Kapes, President of Studio Technologies. "The unit builds on the success of our original Model 374 and adds new features and performance enhancements. By adding support for our STcontroller software application and responding to field requests, we anticipate the Model 374A will be well received by both users and support personnel. With its range of features and configuration choices it should seamlessly bridge the gap between typical party-line and more complex digital matrix intercom systems. The Model 374A leverages the power of Dante and standard LAN networking to offer exciting new ways to meet the needs of sports, broadcast, and general intercom applications."

Set up of the Model 374A is simple. A standard Ethernet connection provides both PoE power and high-performance digital audio transport. Over a local-area-network (LAN), multiple Model 374A units can be configured for PL intercom applications with the help of an external Dante-enabled audio matrix, such as the Studio Technologies Model 5422 Dante Intercom Audio Engine.

Key features can be easily configured using the STcontroller software application. Supporting the Windows® operating system, the application is used to quickly confirm and revise Model 374A settings as required. Configurable parameters include electret microphone powering, microphone preamplifier gain, talk button operation, headphone channel assignment, and integrated sidetone level. The Model 374A is AES67 compatible and compliant with the Dante Domain Manager™ software application.

"The wide range of easily configurable features, along with the clear and 'clean' audio quality provided by the digital audio signal path, offers an excellent user experience," added Mr Kapes. "Like the rest of the Model 370-Series, we built the Model 374A specifically for demanding broadcast and pro AV environments. Production personnel can be assured these units will provide reliable intercom time and time again."

Since 2013, Studio Technologies has developed a range of Dante-enabled products that offer solutions for broadcast, production, commercial, and government applications. The new Model 374A is part of the Model 370-Series of Dante® Intercom Beltpacks, which currently includes the Model 370, Model 371, and Model 374A along with related accessories.

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