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Core SWX Optimal Power Source For DC Shoes Filmmaker Chris Ray

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As a filmmaker for DC Shoes, Inc., it's important for Chris Ray to be ready at a moment's notice to capture the fast pace of skateboarding, motocross and surfing productions. Core SWX's Hypercore PRIME and TorchLED Bolt 250 are Ray's top choices for power supply and lighting when recording real-time productions.

Ray has been a live action sports filmmaker for over ten years, trusting Core SWX's batteries to power his 8K RED EPIC-W when filming for DC Shoes in many domestic and global locations. For skateboarding shoots, Ray is often required to keep his camera running for four to six hours at a time to capture the right moment, which is why he turns to the Hypercore PRIME series battery packs to fuel his camera.

Ray said: "The very nature of skateboarding requires constant filming since skateboarders typically perform and land their best tricks once they have gained momentum. Asking a skateboarder to stop, mid-shoot, to replace the battery just isn't an option. Core SWX's Hypercore PRIME batteries have always outlasted these types of extreme, long-lasting film sessions."

Along with its long run-time and robustness, one of the most convenient features of the Hypercore PRIME series for Ray is its 2-part design – which provides a higher capacity, air travel friendly battery solution.

He continued: "Travel is a necessity in my line of work and the fact that Core SWX makes batteries that can be split up to adhere to airline regulations, without compromising quality, is extremely helpful."

The Hypercore PRIME battery packs can be legally transported without restrictions under IATA, ICAO, and UN travel regulations.

The Hypercore PRIME is a 2-part system that provides a higher capacity (190Wh), air travel friendly battery solution, and is scaled vertically to better distribute weight across the battery mount. The design features a large backlit multipurpose LCD on the front that allows users to view remaining runtime while powering a device, as well as remaining charge time when connected to a charger. The PRIME is available in V-mount and 3-Stud mount; and has an integrated P-tap connection on the side and top of the battery, allowing users to power any 12vdc device. Additionally, it has a USB output to allow users to charge mobile devices.

Another product that Ray trusts for his live action projects is the Core SWX TorchLED Bolt 250 camera light. He most recently used the Bolt 250 for a night shoot at a skatepark in Orlando, FL, filming professional skaters for an upcoming DC Shoes film promo. Ray recalls filming in the dark, without crowds of people in the background, to show a different perspective for this project. Interested onlookers are traditionally an obstacle he runs into during the day.

Ray concluded: "The Bolt 250 alleviates the worry of bringing a whole lighting crew with me. It is the perfect product because you just put the light on the camera and you're ready to go."

The TorchLED Bolt 250 uses a patented Refractory Lens Technology providing a 250W equivalent light output while 40 percent thinner than its precursor, the Bolt 220R. The Bolt 250 draws 13W of power, includes a separate on/off switch and features a wireless remote that can control the light from up to 250-feet away.

In addition to his work with DC Shoes, Ray relies on the Hypercore PRIME to shoot non-action sports films for his own production company, Chris Ray Films. One of his recent projects involved a video shoot of drone racers for Intel®. Ray used the Hypercore PRIME to help capture three high-flying drone aces as they explored the ruins of retired jumbo jets at the Mojave Boneyard, which is a dusty and abandoned graveyard for airplanes in California.
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