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SGO's Mistika For PUMA/Red Bull F1 Racing Campaign

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David Cox, a Post Production Specialist, recently utilised SGO's Mistika system as part of a new campaign launching the branding partnership between sports brand PUMA and Red Bull Racing Formula One team, ahead of the Formula One 2016 season.

The commercial was created by Rebel @ Outsider, and produced by Omelihu "Mel" Nwanguma. It was directed by Max Fisher for Tim Stedman at PUMA, and the concept involved a herd of stampeding bulls charging around Red Bull Racing drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat.

Rebel @ Outsider approached David Cox for solutions to create the charging bulls: "Given the tight turnaround, we looked at the possibility of using stock footage roto-scoped into new scenes. However, this would have heavily restricted the creativity of the rest of the commercial as camera angles would have to be locked to the available footage. We therefore opted for CGI bulls and I started to create these before the shoot to get a head-start."

With the challenges of the F1 drivers' busy schedules, as well as limited time-frames, David had around a fortnight between shooting and delivery to complete the project.

He said: "At first, it appeared that shooting against green screen would provide the most efficient workflow. However, director Max Fisher and cinematographer Luke Jacobs were keen on a spot-lit, hazy environment which doesn't directly suit green-screen shooting. Although similar looks could be created in post production, I felt that it would be better to let the director and DoP keep full control of this aspect by avoiding green screen shooting. This resulted in some extra work in post to roto-scope around the drivers, but made the overall feel of the commercial much stronger."

David created the bulls, complete with skeletons, muscles and hair in CGI.

"The bulls were modelled and animated by referring to You-Tube clips of Iberian fighting bulls," he continued. "In the shots where there were scores of bulls, the masses were created using particle systems with an element of 'artificial intelligence' to create the herding stampede action. Bulls closer to the camera were individually animated. These were then lit and matched to the hazy environment, so that distant bulls would fade to shadow whereas the ones in the spot-lit centre were brightly illuminated."

In addition, David also created a line animation which made a heart-beat monitor morph into the shape of the PUMA / Red Bull Racing brand mark. This was then tracked into the actual heart monitor which was shot in situ.

SGO's Mistika post production system was used to achieve the compositing, online and finishing of the project.

"It is always a pleasure working with David because he brings a certain amount of flexibility and transparency that you don't necessary get when working in a studio environment," commented Mel Nwanguma, Producer at Outsider. "For the Stampede project we needed a VFX artist who understood the various limitations we were faced with. We basically needed someone who would say 'Yes' to the director's idea, then figure out a way to make it work! Having worked with David on numerous projects, he has never disappointed us."

PUMA branding will feature prominently on the racing car, team and race-wear, and will also launch a range of licensed replica, fan and lifestyle footwear, apparel and accessories.

A 'Behind the Scenes' technical video by David Cox, courtesy of PUMA, can be viewed below.

PUMA_Red_Bull_Racing_breakdown from david cox on Vimeo.

Image: Copyright Courtesy PUMA.

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