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TSL Scores At World Cup

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TSL products have been selected to facilitate Guangdong TV Centre's new purpose-built HD production suite delivery of Brazil's FIFA World Cup coverage to more than 117 million viewers.

TSL has supplied SAM1-3GM studio audio monitoring units, the PAM PiCo Master 5.1 Surround/Loudness Compliance Meter and an entry-level MPA1-3G audio monitoring unit to ensure its compliance with regional and national standards. The TSL units are installed in key positions in the control room and rack room.
The instant visual feedback that the SAM1 provides is suitable for facility-wide multichannel audio and is able to mix 16 channels of embedded SDI and two auxiliary analogue or AES input channels.
Each of the 10 stereo bargraph pairs can be named individually with up to a 10 character mnemonic, whilst international bargraph scales and reference levels can be altered within setup.
The PAM PiCo Master 5.1 Surround Meter, which features a 16-channel bargraph display with 3G HD-SDI (auto-sensing with loop through) and 16-channel audio de-embedder, will allow Guangdong TV to perform real time logging of all relevant loudness parameters, including high and low loudness levels, True Peak level and corresponding peak channel, as well as integrated loudness. The PAM PiCo's new logging software application provides documentation, visualisation and evaluation of any source passing through the meter unit.
It also offers a logging session database, allowing session data to be stored, identified and searched for retrieval. Session data may be exported as a .pdf or .csv file to streamline the creation of loudness data documents for presentations on compliance. The unit is a compact, yet comprehensively-equipped, standalone audio and loudness meter that features the revolutionary StarFish™ surround sound display, as well as Video Preview, Landscape mode, FFT spectrum analyser, SMPTE Timecode and Screen Grabber.
"With live action feeds coming in from the 12 venues in Brazil covering the World Cup, mixed with on-site and local commentary, having reliable audio confidence monitoring through the MPA and SAM units and loudness compliance logging through the PAM PiCo is a must for this massive live event," says Howard Hong, Principle Engineer for Suntec Broadcast Technology Ltd., the SI company handling the installation.
"We chose TSL Products equipment because they offer rock solid performance, straightforward functionality and an abundance of features critical to the quality assurance and loudness mission."
SAM1-3GM will enable Guangdong TV operators to define individual channels as stereo, mono or 5.1 with instantaneous downmixing of surround sources for stereo compatibility monitoring for World Cup matches. Channels can be mixed together at the push of a button with individual level trims and channel balance/pan control and the resultant 'mix' output available as a line level analogue or AES feed, which can be used for cues and extended applications.
The new MPA1-3G Audio Monitoring unit provides basic audio monitoring functions. The MPA Monitor Plus series, with models also available in dual stereo, eight stereo and analogue input versions, is suitable for critical production locations that do not require more sophisticated capabilities of TSL Products' SAM and PAM audio monitoring units.
The MPA1-3G offers an auto sensing 3G HD-SDI input, de-embedder with selection of 16 audio channels, internal amplifier driving full range speakers, a balance control, fixed/variable line level outputs and external PSU, all in a 1RU space. It features two 12-segment bargraph meters and headphone monitoring capabilities.

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