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Tiffen Announces New Filters

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Tiffen International the availability of new filters designed for modern digital cameras.
Tiffen Satin, Black Satin and Pearlescent motion picture/ television (MPTV) filters are now available in sizes of 4 x 4, 4 x 5.65 and 6.6 x 6.6 inches.
By suppressing facial blemishes and wrinkles captured by today's accurate lenses as evident on HD, and bigger, format images, the new Satin and Black Satin filters offer softening to fine details, with minimal signs of filtration.
The Satin produces a cleaner glow to highlights and moderates contrast compared to Black Satins, which deliver a slightly warmer halation and darker control over contrast that affects the image. Both types of filter are designed to offer subtle fine control, maintaining an apparent unobtrusive clean, in-focus look.
Tiffen's Pearlescent filters create a subtle new look with a lightening of contrast that increases over the range, and a glossy luxurious halo around highlights.
Carey Duffy, MPTV Filter Group Consultant, commented: "Fine control of resolution and contrast may be required when working with today's lens and camera technology. Also many productions do not want to use a filter that overpowers their image. Satin and Pearlescent filters are designed to complement today's cameras and lenses to heighten our perception of reality by bringing the image back to acceptable levels, without looking over filtered."

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