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Cinematographer Eric Koretz Selects Petrol Bags

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Cinematographer Eric Koretz relies on Petrol Bags to facilitate any shoot he is working on.
"Often these shoots involve heavy traveling," Mr Koretz says.
"One thing I don’t have to worry about is the condition of my equipment as we move — because it’s always packed in my Petrol Bags. I chose them because they are simply versatile, have unique features and are well built."
Recently, the Deca Dr. Bag (PC003) was important to Koretz for the feature Comet.
"We shot all over Los Angeles," he says. "And we had different equipment needs for every phase of production — from scout to shoot. For our location scouts and pre-planning, I would pack a fully built RED Epic camera into the bag. Sam and I would go into each location and plan out our shots, using this same camera we would later use to shoot the film. The Petrol Deca would allow me easy access to the camera, to take out and shoot as quickly as our ideas would flow."
During production, Koretz carried the RED Epic in the Deca bag as they moved from location to location.
"It allowed me to be mobile and ready to go, which is important in every production," he says.
"I frequently use a RED Epic and the Deca Dr. Bag, carried on a plane fully built. When I’m on set or run-and-gun, I can just keep the camera in the bag and pop it out and be ready to shoot."
The Deca Tripod Bag (PT701) has also been used for both scout and preplanning.
Koretz simply fits a small tripod and monopod in it. "I can throw in a few light stands, gels, and such for other projects," he says.
"I love the wheels and the backpack options. Versatility is a key feature that I look for in the bags that hold my gear, and the Deca tripod bag is the most versatile tripod bag out there."
Koretz also found the Deca Camera Bag (PA1000) invaluable on Comet.
"My AC’s basically stuffed every screw, nut, bolt, tool and accessory into it — all compartmentalised," he says.
"The bag lets me hold an incredible ruggedness. It’s a unique bag that I use on every shoot."
While shooting Comet, Koretz had two LED DMX controlled lights that he called on when he needed a trick colour effect.
"They were in the Petrol Lighting Case (#PL2003), of course," he says. "The lightweight design and small footprint of this Petrol bag makes it easy to have nearby and ready to use without overextending."
The independent feature Comet, shot by Eric Koretz, directed by Sam Esmail and starring Emmy Rossum and Justin Long, is slated for release in 2014. Koretz’s recent commercials for Motorola, American Airlines and Full Tilt Poker will begin airing the last part of 2013.

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