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Tiffen Reveal New 3D/HD Rig

A new rig specifically designed with the broadcast and television industry in mind has been unveiled with the promise of being 'lighter' and 'faster'.
Tiffen International Ltd. has launched the Steadicam Phantom-V, a new member of the Steadicam range that is designed specifically for the HD broadcast television and 3D markets.
Able to support loads of up to 20kg this is a big rig that offers high performance camera support with all the features needed for operation in live broadcasts.
The first Steadicam Phantom on the market was a cut-down version of the top-of-the-range Steadicam Ultra2, but with two telescopic stages of the original four-stage post, it is a lighter, faster production rig. Still with the same 20kg payload capacity, the new Steadicam Phantom-V is designed for efficient operation in broadcast applications. The stage, which retains the Steadicam Phantom’s tilting feature, has a short nose box to allow room to mount a 3D mirror rig. It also allows for a wide-angle lens with the camera set well back on the stage.
Meanwhile the rig is wired for broadcast with three HD lines between the stage and the base. For 3D operation these can carry a stereo image and a return video. The rig is supplied complete with a video return monitor and includes the original Steadicam Phantom’s high performance G70 arm and the same Ultra2 vest. The package also has an integral tally system.
The Phantom is offered at the same price as the original with all the broadcast video extras included. A 7-inch 800-nit HD/SD monitor is supplied as standard. There is an option to upgrade to a Transvideo SuperBright Evolution 8-inch monitor. This has special software by Transvideo to communicate with the sled for the level display and frame lines functions. This means that the level senor is in the ideal position – under the post.

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Tiffen Reveal New 3D/HD Rig
A new rig specifically designed with the broadcast and television industry in mind has been unveiled with the promise of being 'lighter' and 'faster'.
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