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SBF-Post Production London

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SBF-Post Production London
020 8965 5599
020 8961 8071
Asha Patel
18-20 Commercial Way,
Park Royal,
London UK,
Abbey Road,
NW10 7XF,
England UK

About SBF-Post Production London

Satellite is an independent post-production facility in West London. We believe that our lower rates and a personal touch make up for our location outside Soho, and for your convenience we are outside the Congestion Charging Zone and have free parking too!

Our Post Production business has been in operation since 1984. Over the years it has been our priority to acquire the latest high-end equipment and always keep up-to-date with changing technology. From the onset of Digital, plasma screens and DVD, to being the first in the country to acquire a multi-format IMX machine, these days our investment is in High Definition equipment.

We are extremely flexible and always offer fast same-day turnaround with both small and large projects in all aspects of post-production, encompassing Tape Dubbing, Editing and DVD Production from beginning to end. We work with practically all tape and digital formats. And we are always happy to talk through your individual project needs and advise on the best way forward, because we want you to leave us with a smile on your face.

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