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Portaprompt Award Winning International Sales and Hire
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Portaprompt, founded in 1976, has worked in the broadcast industry for over 35 years. We developed the world's first digital teleprompter, which in 2009 won us a technical Emmy, and continue to be at the forefront of teleprompting or autocuing ever since.

We have a very busy sales and hire service, with and without operator, that sees action all over the globe, prompting many household name shows and events.

Our innovatively designed products are based on research, development and feedback from operators, customers and presenters resulting in the lightest and brightest Portable Prompting Equipment in the market able to cope with the rigours of travel with the utmost reliability and software that is straightforward to use.

Member of IABM, Guild of Television Cameramen and the Institute of Videography.


Name Role Email Telephone
Helen Kingsbury MD and Hire 01494 450414
Jim Keating Technical Director 01494 450414
Jon Hilton Sales and Marketing 01494 450414
Miles Kingsbury Director and Designer 01494 450414

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Portaprompt at IBC 2014

Portaprompt will be introducing several new products at IBC this year. Jim Keating the Technical Director explains:
“At this IBC we will be showing an upgrade to our Windigi Software that allows the prompting operator to choose the style of prompting operation that they want to use. They can select either a single screen for all operations or use a twin screen operation which has a preview / edit screen and a second picture in picture screen that is the perfectly synchronised output of the main prompt screen. We are calling this T-Windigi.
Also we have now a complete range of folding prompter hoods which support our design philosophy of producing the brightest and lightest prompting rigs available. These will complement our existing range of rigid hoods giving the customer compete choice as to the type of hood they wish to use.
Finally something we are very excited about is the introduction of a new combined Tablet / Micro Prompt / Interrotron device called the 365 Personal Prompting Assistant which will be shown publicly for the first time at IBC.
This has been developed from our successful 350 series tablet-based prompting rig, which will remain in our line up. The difference is the 365 is designed exclusively for use with 15mm and 19mm bar rigs and gives the user the flexibility to rig it with either a tablet, a conventional dedicated prompting monitor (up to 10” in size) or use it as a passive, Interrotron device. The use of Interrotrons is becoming a more and more popular prompting technique especially in the corporate production sector where the presenter may not do this for a living. Hence the name 365 as it is a prompter that could be potentially used every day of the year!”

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