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About Microvideo

Microvideo is based just outside the historic city of Cambridge. Since our inception in 1987, Microvideo has worked with many leading broadcasters around the world.

At Microvideo we are committed to maintaining and growing our position as one of the Global Broadcast Market's most innovative companies. We work closely with our customers to bring imaginative but practical solutions to meet the challenges of today’s broadcasters. Working through an established worldwide distribution network, Microvideo products are in daily use throughout the world.

We are committed to provide excellent products and ethical working practices; we strive towards delighting our customers, surpassing their expectations wherever and whenever we can.

Microvideo is a company dedicated exclusively to working with broadcasters and systems integrators.

We help broadcasters utilise the power of world class, technologically sophisticated signal processing and management products to get the most possible out of the resources and budgets available. We aim to help you to save your time and money for use where it was originally intended: broadcasting brilliant programmes, not on supporting overheads and unforeseen capital costs.

Microvideo are market leaders in switching technologies and specifically seamless switching, which was pioneered by Microvideo as far back as 1999. Microvideo offer products for seamless SDI switching, clean audio audio switching and near-seamless/seamless ASI switching.

Channel branding and station identity have become increasingly important in the broadcast industry. Microvideo have one of the widest selections of devices for the displaying and maintenance of on-screen graphics, station and channel idents in both video and audio domains.

Data Management
Microvideo data management systems are used to insert and decode control signals, teletext, transcode data, insert country identifiers and more. Microvideo data inserters are also a key component in Intrasonics interactive audience solutions and the ipsos audience monitoring solution. Want to know more about 2nd screen applications?

Signal Processing
The exceptional power of the on board, state of the art, processing engine that is the heart of the Series 300 desig, allows functionality way beyond what would normally be expected in a broadcast design. Multi-gigabit serial I/O. operating up to 6.375 Gbps is way beyond the needs of even the most demanding applications, and yet this power is delivered with the lowest possible power consumption.

Embed, de-embed, shuffle, mix and switch analogue or AES signals silently and seamlessly. The Series 300 allows multiple functions to be managed simultaneously on a single hardware platform, simplifying your system design and increasing your flexibility.

Frames, Control and Accessories
Microvideo frames have the highest card density in the broadcast market with 6 full function audio/video cards per 1U frame including dual PSUs. The high density together with a wide range of accessories and add-ons makes the series 300 range one of the most flexible available.
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