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About The Animal Talent Ltd

The Famous Animal Talent Agency!

As the star of a Reuter’s film, we cast model dogs, cats and all animal talent in media. We offer guaranteed shots, remote rehearsal reviews and are fully licensed and insured.

Importantly we are the only UK animal casting agency to hold a Dangerous Wild Animal licence. So we can supply almost any animal model on the planet for your professional production purposes. To this end, our animal casting agents specialise in a huge variety of species including dangerous wild animals, reptiles, birds, small mammals, farm livestock, domestic pets (such as dog and cat models) and exotics

The animal talent displayed on our website represents merely a proportion of those on our books. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, please Contact Us and we’re confident we can provide the animal actors you need.

We love to be involved from the very beginning of your animal talent planning and believe that our process of selection, advice and reward based training sets the animals up for success in any situation. The animals we work with enjoy the process of training with their handler, the bonding time they receive and the achievement of a great performance. Our animals have fun when they work!

For us, it’s essential that the wellbeing of our talent is always prioritised, whatever the situation.

Check out the results on our showcase page and also in the press.

Your shots guaranteed
Hire animal models from us and we guarantee you will get the shots you need.

If you don’t get your shot, you don’t pay the bill.

Whether you’re casting animal models for film, TV, commercials and/or photoshoots, this guarantee pertains!

Fully licensed and insured
Our animal modelling agency supplies fully licensed and insured professional animal location handlers for all animal species around the world, all of whom are recognised qualified experts in their fields. We hold Animal Activity Licences under The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018 – in respect of the keeping or training of animal actors to be exhibited for entertainment purposes by the recording of images for display – and The Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 (Licence No. LCC/DWA1).

Our animal talent agency includes fully qualified animal wranglers and handlers, animal behaviourists, animal trainers, animal transporters, vets, bookers, educators, scientists and lawyers. Each one of us has many years’ of experience working in our respective fields.

By using us, your crew will always be secure and no animal welfare regulations are ever breached.

We deploy the latest technology in telemetry tracking together with radio communications, gps locators and handling equipment.

Safeguarding the welfare of our animals is at the heart of everything we do: our skilled handlers live and work with their respective animal charges, ensuring their bond is always founded upon kindness, understanding and compassion.

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