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Layla Flaherty
77 Camden Street Lower,
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About Urban Paws Ireland

The leading animal talent agency in Ireland

We have a team of knowledgeable and experienced bookers who work with film producers, television studios, PR agencies, and in-house marketing teams to provide the perfect bit of animal talent for any brief. We also regularly work with smaller businesses and love to see our animals help these companies grow.

All of our animals must be trained to have basic obedience so that we can guarantee they’ll behave and won’t be overwhelmed by bright lights or loud noises while on set. The majority of our pets are trick trained, making them ideal to work as animal actors in more advanced roles that require niche skills in addition to basic obedience.

Time to find your next big star!
Here at Urban Paws Ireland our agents scout the very best in animal talent, assuring that we provide fully trained and highly experienced animals to meet your project ambitions. In order to best meet this goal, we offer a variety of pet/animal breeds available as actors, models and influencers for hire.

Our animals have worked with big household brands to exciting fledgling businesses – so all that is left to do, is for you to pick a pet and view their profile in order to choose who is going to be your star!

In the Media
Urban Paws UK has caused a media frenzy with it’s unique approach and delivery of a brand new service to the pet industry, we have been lauded for our passionate approach in dealing with the animals within our talent agency and hope to continue taking care of the premier talent within the animal industry.

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Joanne Gordon Head Booker 07398699104
Layla Flaherty Director 07932617129


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