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The Porsche
Our Porsche Cayenne Turbo has been heavily modified to create the ultimate high speed arm car. With a 0-60 of 4.8 seconds and a top speed of 173 mph this is one of the fastest and best equipped arm cars in the world.

The tracking vehicle's adaptable interior can accommodate 6 crew. It features custom electronics, high quality monitors and an internal video playback system. Heated or cooled seats ensure the crew can operate in comfort.

The car can be run with the full Ultra Arm, Panther Tower or a fixed Black Arm.

The Electric Moto Tracking Bike
Our Electric Moto Camera Tracking Bike is a highly maneuverable and agile solution. The light weight motocross style construction means it can operate in places and surfaces that larger tracking vehicles and bikes can not. The electric motor provides instant torque and the motorcycle can operate at speeds up to 40mph.​

We run the bike with either the Flowcine Black Arm or Motocrane Ultra Isolator which mounts to 48mm tube at the front of the bike. The Ronin 2 is our preferred head for this setup.

Remote Heads
The Ultra Arm
The Motocrane Ultra Arm is a lightweight remote arm with a 12ft reach, 8 second 360º swing and 3 second 90˚ degree lift. It features lift axis stabalisation and is capable of operating at speeds of 75mph+. The Ultra Arm can carry a payload of up to 30kg. We run our arm with either the Arri SRH-360 or Ronin 2 remote heads.

The Ultra Arm's low profile and low center of gravity reduces the impact on the vehicle's performance, when comparing it with a traditional russian arm, while being more cost effective.

The Ultra Arm can be rigged on to our Porsche Cayenne Turbo or Land Rover Discovery tracking vehicles. It is also possible to rig the arm onto other specialist tracking platforms such as smaller electric vehicles or off road side by sides which we can supply through our partners.

Black ARM
The Black Arm is a 3 axis stabilized fixed dampening system which attaches to 48mm tube. We can run the Black Arm on both the front and rear of our Porsche Cayenne Tracking Vehicle, Electric Tracking Bike, Easy Rider Electric Trike or Land Rover Discovery. It can also be easily rigged to almost any tracking vehicle, rickshaw and dolly.

The Black Arm doesn't offer the flexibility to quickly change camera position that the Ultra Arm does but can be used on public roads without road closures. However the police must always be consulted before undertaking any tracking work on the public highway.

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