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Studio Mitchell Limited
Mark Mitchell
36 Monmouth Way,
Blake House,,
EX14 2GY

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From Script to Screen: Your Vision, Animated

Delve into the vibrant and imaginative world of Studio Mitchell, nestled in the heart of picturesque East Devon, a stone's throw away from the awe-inspiring Jurassic coastline. Since 1998, this one-man powerhouse has been the creative brain behind numerous successful animated films and photorealistic illustrations, etching a prominent mark in national advertising campaigns for renowned household brands.

Mark Mitchell, the mastermind behind Studio Mitchell, embarked on his illustrious career in the dynamic '80s, making a splash in the pop video scene. Today, with over three decades in the creative industry, Mark dedicates himself to turning dreams into animated realities that capture hearts and spur imaginations, doing so with meticulous 2D or 3D animations and advanced CGI techniques.

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Mark Mitchell: The Expert Behind the Animation

Kick-starting his vibrant career in the pulsating '80s, Mark crafted pop videos that defined a generation. In 1998, he founded Studio Mitchell, a venture that has received consistent recognition, including an acknowledgment in the 'Best of British Illustration 2012’ curated by the AOI (Association of Illustrators). Utilising MAXON's CINEMA 4D software, Mark creates 3D motion graphics and animations that are more than visually captivating; they offer immersive and memorable experiences.

Research and Development: Our Secret Sauce

What sets Studio Mitchell apart is an unwavering commitment to continual learning and innovation. Mark passionately forges ahead, nurturing fresh ideas and mastering emerging techniques in the dynamic CGI landscape. This commitment ensures our clients always receive the freshest and most avant-garde solutions. Embark on an enriching journey through our website and take advantage of our intuitive 'ballpark quote calculator' for a swift project estimate.

Get in Touch: We're All Ears!

Harbouring questions or burgeoning ideas? Mark is here to listen and bring your vision to life. Reach out at 01404 45922 or drop an email to [email protected]. Together, let's craft narratives that are not just extraordinary, but distinctly yours.

Products / Services / Credits

  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Adverts
  • Explainers
  • 3D Product Animation
  • Title Sequences
  • Short Films
  • 3D Character Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Animation for Social Media
  • Storyboard
  • Scripting
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