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Aerial – Brooks Smith Media
01442 800900
Glen Smith
12 Queensway,
Hemel Hempstead,
HP1 1LR,

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Brooks Smith Media are based in Hertfordshire near Leavesden Studios, Bovingdon Studios and Shepperton Studios.

We carry an Open Authorisation from the CAA which allows us to operate drones up to 25kg in the UK. We currently use the DJI Inspire 2 platform with the X7 and Hassleblad lenses to give stunning visuals and allows us to collect 24mp stills for our photogrammetry models.

For ground-based operations, we use the Sony A7R IV which allows us to shoot 61mp which gives amazing details or a lot of detail very quickly.

In-house, we are Cyber Essentials Certified which means we are safe and responsible for your data when it's with us. We use cutting edge programs like Reality Capture, Blender and the Adobe suites to supply the best data possible for VFX Photogrammetry and Aerial Video.

Onsite we are able to supply our electricity with 2kw generators and have a micro-production van to work in so even in the most remote locations we are good to go.

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