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Simon Tomlinson
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Custom, High Quality Backing Tracks
InstrumentalTrax is a backing track music production company, creating high quality customised tracks of both covers and original music. Clients say that they are not ready to invest thousands in recording studio time, but equally are not satisfied with the plethora of low quality, karaoke tracks that are available on YouTube and the internet which is why they choose InstrumentalTrax.

Simon has been making backing tracks for solo artists, duos and bands for a number of years to a high standard.

All the tracks are supplied royalty-free, in 16-bit or 24-bit wav files (or individual stems) to your specification.

High quality backing tracks customised to your exact needs. Simon has been making backing tracks for many years and has a wealth of experience both in the studio and performing with them. He knows what a good backing track should sound like.

If you are looking for mass-produced, similar sounding backing tracks and are not too concerned with how they sound or what key they are in then you can find them on the many karaoke websites on the internet. But, if you are a singer, performer, television/film creator or instrumentalist and need a high quality backing track on a budget, then read on.

All you need to provide to start your project is:
  • A link to the YouTube or iTunes version of the song you would like a custom backing track for
  • Details of the type of arrangement required (for example live instruments, backing vocals, orchestration, etc.)
  • Pay your invoice in order to receive the tracks

InstrumentalTrax will:
  • Generate a quote or PayPal invoice and provide an estimated time for delivery
  • Supply you with your tracks either as 16 bit or 24 bit wav files (depending on your requirements) via email or Google Drive cloud private share or you can be supplied with the instrument parts of the backing track as individual stems for use in another studio

Complete List of Services
  • Custom arrangements
  • Music transcription services
  • Printed parts
  • Arrangement copyright management
  • Backing tracks
  • Practice tracks
  • Production services
  • Recording (tracking)
  • Editing
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Custom composition
  • Film (underscore)
  • TV cues
  • Ensembles in need of special material
  • Lyricists in need of songwriting collaboration
  • Our own projects
  • Songwriting collaboration

A Note On Delivery Times
Some orders can sometimes take a number of days in the studio to record, edit, mix and master and, depending on the volume of songs on the go at any particular time, estimation times provided are purely a guide. InstrumentalTrax, however, aims to deliver all tracks within 28 days of payment being received and usually much sooner, but occasionally may run over this time frame.

Custom backing tracks vary in price tremendously. Each track is different and each client is different and so are their needs. Thus, set prices are not published. Each project is quoted individually based on a number of factors.

There is studio time, time for the engineer to record, time for the artist to record each track, and, if live instruments or backing vocals are required, time for the vocalists/instrumentalist to come into the studio to lay down each part. Even the most basic service of a 3 minute guitar/piano, drum and bass recording can take several hours to record, mix and master. A guide is provide below on the cost for typical types of projects, to give you an idea of what to expect.

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