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About Fineline Limited

At Fineline we use a combination of CAD expertise, 5 axis CNC manufacturing and traditional modelmaking skills to produce large scale models for the entertainment industry, for designers and for exhibitors.

Our key services are as follows:
  • 5/6 axis CNC machining of models in polystyrene, model board and a range of other materials.
  • 3 axis table routing of sheet materials, engraving, shaping, drilling.
  • CAD design and rendering.
  • Large Scale Model Making & Exhibition Models.
  • Finishing, texture and paint effects.

3 Axis CNC Machining
Fineline are able to offer fast and accurate profile cutting as well as contoured 3D shaping using our 3 axis router for larger sheet material and the milling machine for smaller, engineered items in most materials.

We can machine sheet woods such as Ply and MDF, plastics including edge finishing, foams such as plastizote, aluminium and even Stainless steel into profiled shapes from AutoCAD files, illustrator vector drawings, 3D models, in fact just about any format, and if the files don’t exist then we can create them for you.

Our wide range of tooling ensures that we have the right tool for the job and can cut just about any profile in any material. We also have the ability to produce complex jigs and assemblies using tessellating profiled parts.

Multiax 5 Axis CNC Machining
5 Axis machines offer several advantages over other CNC tools as a better surface finish can be obtained by moving the tool tangentially about the surface and therefore more complex parts can be manufactured.

Our 5 Axis machine is big enough to produce the sort detail on models our clients require.

Kuka Robots 6 Axis CNC Machining
Robots can be used as a flexible machining centre. The direct execution of all standard G and M commands for tool handling and high-speed cutting turns the robot into a highly flexible machining centre – especially for large, complex components that have to be machined on all sides.

Utilising the two in-house robots for their different strengths we can tackle most multi-axis work especially internal female type moulds due to the 6 axis movement removing the need to ‘retract and unwind’ and therefore speeding up the machining operation.

CNC Machining
By utilising the various machines Fineline has available we can create different types of moulds to suit the varied methods that our customers require to recreate their models from suitable 3D CAD.

We can machine master patterns to be used to create female tools in various materials and at various densities. Starting with EPS, this would then require sealing, hard coating, filling, sanding, polishing etc before a tool could be made or a model board grade Polyurethane board that will only need polishing before use.

Light Engineering/Fabrication
At Fineline we have available a selection of traditional fabrication equipment from lathes and radial arm drilling to TIG/MIG welding and plasma cutting as well as horizontal and vertical bandsaws and an assortment of grinders and polishers in the metalwork area. We have also added a rumble tank for de-burring and polishing small components machined on the VMC.

Traditional Modelmaking
As well as a wealth of modern equipment and computer guided machinery we like to stay true to our roots and employ a range of traditional modelmaking skills where necessary.

By using the clients design concepts and hopefully drawings, we can create the required item by using CNC equipment to get the basic shape/design done and then carrying on where it would be too costly to use a machine to finish the item or in some cases not possible.

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  • CNC Manufacturing 3, 5 & 6 Axis
  • Modelmaking
  • Props
  • Large Scale Fabrication


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