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About SmartVideo Ltd

At SmartVideo we make affordable, social media-ready video for small businesses and organisations.

But we don't just give you a video and walk away. We use our video marketing platforms, and our intimate knowledge of the local media, to get your message across.

Video production AND video marketing

Web-friendly video
Our videographers can make video of any length, but we specialise in 90-second videos for websites and social media. Prices from £195.

Video marketing
We leverage digital assets including Facebook, YouTube, blogs and websites to project your message to your customers.

iPhone video training for small businesses
Want to create videos for your business or group using iPhone? Our Video for Smartphone courses will teach you how to shoot and edit. And we’ll show you what kit to buy. Prices from £250.

Video platform management
We can create and manage your channels on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and other digital platforms.

Video Production
Our videos are designed to raise levels of awareness of your product, brand, service or event. But more than that, they will engage and influence audiences as well. The power of video will bring your initiative to life and get it noticed and remembered.
If you are struggling to get heard above the din of a mountain of bland content? Then video marketing is the single most powerful weapon at your disposal.
Video skyrockets levels of awareness and engagement for a variety of reasons including:
  • Shareability
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Newsworthiness
  • Relevance
  • Localness & community trust
  • Metrics and measurement
  • Calls to Action and Email Capture.

Video marketing – making sure your content finds the right audiences
Use our free templates and tools to get your video strategy right
We love both video production and video marketing. The mix of both disciplines is the reason why we make videos.
Because there’s no point in having a lovely video if hardly anyone can watch it.

Video marketing is both an art and a science. And to do it best, it should start at the beginning of the process, not bolted on at the end.
We can help draw up plans to conceive, market and deliver your video because a video should exist for a specific purpose. Otherwise, it’s just a collection of moving pictures. Pretty, but not cost-effective.

Video strategy
To get heard through the wall of noise, you need an effective video that connects with people.

The power of video is compelling, but video is also tricky to get right. What is your video value proposition? What type of video will best deliver this proposition?

We provide customers with the following for free to plan and progress your campaign:
  • A Key Value Checklist of 20 things to consider
  • A Video Strategy Template
  • A Video Script Template
  • A Video Audit Tool.

Our advice, and these tools, will help ensure that not only will you get a professional video, but that each video is pitched correctly for its objectives.

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