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About CGI Catering Ltd

TV & Film Catering
Welcome to CGI Catering. We specialise in catering for on-location TV, film and photo shoots. We have quickly become established favourites for a large number of industry professionals. Having started CGI from a location management perspective, means we understand every fundamentally integral detail that comprises a location shoot. We have looked after shoots ranging from small editorials, fashion shoots for online and magazines, music videos and TV dramas, to big budget movies.

One thing common to all is the need for a well fed crew and cast, and using our expansive 22-day menu, all culinary, dietary and cultural needs can be satisfied with CGI. We use the finest fresh seasonal produce, making sure all our food is locally sourced, prepared fresh the same day, and served by our team on site.

Because we are a family run business we guarantee a first class, friendly and professional service, but above all, we consistently deliver great tasting food and always, always Cook Great Ingredients!

Event Hire
If you have an important event coming up and want to get it absolutely right, then look no further. CGI is the perfect partner for you, whatever your special occasion may be. We are totally flexible, and can accommodate your specific needs, be they in a private marquee, at your HQ or in a festival field.

You will find us professional, friendly and affordable. No gig is too big and idea to crazy, so please call us to discuss.

Home Dining
This third dimension under the CGI umbrella has long been a favourite for many. Following your brief, we meticulously design a stunning evening of exquisite dishes.

Our speciality in this niche, which happens to be by far the most popular, is the Pan-Asian styled 7-course tasting menu. Your personal chef (+ additional staff if required) freshly prepare, cook and serve on our contemporary chinaware/slates.

All this in the comfort of your home, means your only role is to sit back and enjoy knowing your kitchen is wonderfully clear and clean with only the glasses you are left sipping from. (And the sore head in the morning!)

Take a look at some of our clients to date, and you can contact us Here!

Our Menus


English breakfast EVERYDAY – Farm sausages (+ quorn sausages), back bacon, free-range eggs (fried or scrambled), Portobello mushrooms, hash browns & baked beans.

Cereals, porridge, yoghurts, fresh fruit, pastries, toast and assorted conserves

There will be a choice of 3 delicious hot dishes every day (meat, fish & veg), as well as plenty of accompaniments, to cater for all dietary requirements and preferences.

Both hot and cold sides, salads and spreads will also be provided (samples below*). Our 22 day sample menu will give you an idea of some of the dishes we like to serve on set.

Private & Bespoke – 7 Course Tasting Sample Menu
  • Tuna tartare with mango and avocado salsa
  • Classic Vietnamese beef Pho with fresh herbs
  • Lobster tempura with sriracha mayonnaise
  • Seared steak with ponzu dressing
  • Pork and cabbage gyoza with soy dipping sauce
  • Deep fried sushi rolls with salmon, avocado and wasabi mayonnaise
  • Passion fruit and white chocolate cheesecake

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