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Tim Read Sound Recordist
Tim Read
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Location Sound Recordist
Pictures don't work without clean audio - fact. The importance of good sound is often overlooked on many productions but without it your audience can get frustrated and switch off.

As a broadcast cameraman and editor for 25 years I have had to fix audio stuff too often, the only times I haven't is when the budget allowed for a Location Soundie. Good Soundies are an invaluable asset to any production so with the boom in self-shooting docs and corporates that have shoddy audio I have pushed into new territory and now offer services as a Location Soundie.

With a ton of experience in shooting and editing I've got a pretty good idea on how to solve location audio problems and help things go smoothly. A great Soundie will also take the worry away from Camera Ops and production crew who are often scared by the technicalities of Location Audio allowing them to concentrate on their role.

I've a robust setup centred around an industry respected Sound Devices mixer and 8 channel recorder and lock it all together with Tentacle timecode sync so we can record a mix straight to your camera and keep an iso recording ready for the edit. To compliment this I rock pro level radio mic kit and a selection of mics for different environments. And just for that bit of extra glitter I have an Ambient Digislate too so you get Timecode in vision which the editor will love you for.

I've worked with most camera kit from the RED Helium to Sony Fs7 so know their isdeosyncracies and I've worked on a range of different corporate productions for blue chip clients in Europe, the UK, Africa and Asia.

I've got the right kit for most jobs and anything extra is easy to provide so I'll bring a lot of production experience, I'll muck in with the crew, shift the kit and help your shoot be a success.

And here's the interesting bit, the whole kit for a simple days shooting will fit on my motorcycle, so when you need a UK Soundie in a hurry give me a call.

Kit List
Sound Devices 552
F8 Recorder
Sennheiser MKH416
Sennheiser MKH50
Audio Ltd Radio mics - Cos 11 Lavs
Tentacle Sync boxes
Ambient Digislate

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