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ScareScotland Actors Agency
Stevie Douglas
5 Milne Street,
ML11 8QJ,

About ScareScotland Actors Agency

ScareScotland is a company that provide and train actors for Horror and Scaretour projects across Scotland. It is a collective of like minded people working together to provide an exciting and unique service to the Scottish film/tv and live immersive theatre and scare industry.

We provide specialist performers for genre films and Television as well as live events promo events, comic cons etc. Our performers will willingly play any scene from a dead body getting buried to a zombie get shot in the face.

Undead Academy.

This is our fun workshop for those wanting to learn the Scare trade. It starts of with basic zombie movements so you can have a convincing actor for your project. It is adaptable for any creatures you like. Its also a great team building exercise and you can get a chance to eat your boss!!

ScareScotland are always looking for new talent. If your interested in make up, the acting side of things, or getting involved in behind the scenes, contact us.

You don’t need experience just your enthusiasm and an interest in horror. Not sure what you can contribute, contact us anyway and we can have a chat. Age is no barrier either. We have people from 16 to 60(and older!!)

Products / Services / Credits

  • The Beast- Scotland Zombie Killer Car. A car that can be used for promo events etc, full of gadgets and various items it can grab attention to yo
  • Undead Academy - Training for actors etc to teach creature acting, covers all types of movement and vocals, very adaptable to your needs.
  • Specialist performers/Actors/Stand-ins. - For awkward scenes you actors may be struggling with, our stand in will do it, no problem.
  • Scare Attractions.


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Chris Campbell Director
Jules Nally Director
Stevie Douglas Director 07983249443
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