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About Gavo Plasma Lighting

High Speed Lighting
Gavo light is the ultimate high speed light.

Perfect Source
Perfect point source of perfect sunlight.

Flicker Free
Flicker free at any frame rate.

Superior Efficiency
Highest efficiency artificial sun.

As a team we knit together with complimentary skills and no egos to battle against. The energy within the team is what has taken us through the highs and lows of bringing such a huge technological step to market. The belief of our in-house lighting gaffer Rob Gavigan that it was right for the film industry, coupled with the genius of bulb inventor Boris Lutterbach, inspired our design team, headed by Steve Loible, to create a product that is easy to work with and looks great. Every part of the team had a critical and complimentary role in bringing these lamps to market; no one person could have done it alone and that has made us a true team. A collective positivity through the 10-year development journey is what you saw evidence of at the show.

A 13 amp domestic socket is all that is needed to run a Gavo Light. In fact, you can run two Gavo Lights from a single socket or four from a standard ring main. At the show we had four lamps running to demonstrate this (three in our softbox prototype and one lamp on a stand). Filming 4K at 1000fps and F8 we were achieving a huge depth of field and true colours through a range of reds, greens, yellows and blues on our table set, (with a rat trap and Weetabix experiment thrown in). This means that you can do a high speed shoot (or any shoot) on the 20th floor of a block of flats, simply by plugging the lights into the wall socket. If the lights are too bright you can dim them down to 20% to create moody images in natural looking light.


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