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Lee Tomes
Workspace 15, Phoenix,
4 Midland Street,

About Orange Fox Studios

We’re a fluid, full service visual communications agency based in Leicester’s cultural quarter. All you need to know is that we create vitalising video production, amazing animation, brilliant brands & marvellous motion graphics. And, while we’re not technically foxes we are tenacious, smooth and above all, creative.

We have a wealth of experience working flexibly for large companies, creative agencies, SME businesses and not-for-profit organisations. Our strong network of creative talent includes cinematographers, animators, video editors and design experts meaning we can tailor-make the team that suits your specific project and your budget.

We’re Business Storytellers
In fact, we’re here to tell your story. Every single business or brand has a story and the good news is that people connect through stories, it’s in our nature! This makes storytelling a fantastic way to foster a strong connection between your business and your audience and do so on a personal level – think Coca Cola at Christmas.

Let’s share your business story
We solve business problems and help our clients build their brands. If you have a project that you need help on or just need some friendly creative advice we would love to hear from you. Contact us today and we will happily arrange a FREE consultation to find out about your business goals and challenges.


We’re here to work for you. That means having a process that works for you, not just for us. That’s why we’ve honed a way of working that helps us deliver what you need without reinventing the wheel. Our entire video production process is focussed on giving you control without sapping your time. We’ll create, let you review and amend, then create some more!

A huge advantage of animation is how visibly flexible it can be. It can be 2D or 3D, bright or muted, sharp or rounded, accurate or artistic. The benefit of this is that it can compliment your brand, bringing the colours, fonts and imagery into your videos.

What’s more, animation can help to expand your brand by setting a clear style for your motion graphics & video, helping viewers identify your video content wherever they see it. Stop motion, fluid movement, flat graphics? These things can be as distinctive as a well chosen typeface or a unique colour palette when used to their full potential!

The work we do on brands are not just subjectively attractive, they’re based on attracting the correct demographic. That means every colour, typeface and brand asset is chosen specifically to attract your ideal customer. That means you can question any choice we make and we’ll be able to back it up with something real.

We use gestalt principles, colour theory, art history and much more to inform our work but hey, what’s the point of being an expert if you can’t show off a bit?

Motion Graphics
A clever treatment can catch the eye of even the most blinkered of viewers. So, while a bit of motion here and there can help your audience engage and remember your content, a clever motion treatment can go way beyond that.

Interesting effects can help accentuate your brand image, visually reinforcing those all important core values. They can help you catch the eye of your audience and gain an advantage over competitors and peers. They can even help you to add depth and style into your existing content, visually separating one element from another to deliver your message more clearly and with more style. Who wouldn’t want that?

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Lee Tomes Creative Director 01162422863

Company News

4K Filming from £350

Hello lovely colleagues, collaborators and friends,

We’ve got some great news!! Orange Fox has recently invested in a bunch of awesome new equipment, including not one but TWO 4K cameras! (The Sony FS7 and Sony A7iii)

What do this mean for you? It means we can now offer the following services:

· 4K 50fps Filming

· Slow Motion Recording at up to 150fps in 1080p and 60fps in 4K

· Two camera filming

· Stabilised Filming with our new DJI Ronin-M handheld gimbal

All of this from £350 per day (+VAT).

I hope we can work together soon and put this fantastic kit into action!

All the best,

Lee Tomes

Creative Director
Orange Fox Studios

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