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Big Yellow Feet - Post Production
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Gregory Mandry
Dunley Hill Farm,
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Post Production
Post production pretty much encompasses everything that needs to be done once the shoot has finished so that your exciting, new, shiny video can be delivered.

There are a lot of misconceptions about editing, including the “do-we-really-need-to-edit-it” school of thought. Well, yes, we do. Because essentially, it’s a process that enables us to shorten, abbreviate and join various bits of imagery together so we can deliver your message with the most punch.

But, if you say your message, everyone will hear it, right? Wrong! Video is a visual thing. Believe it or not, the audience are getting most of their information from the visuals, whatever they are hearing!

This is where editing comes into its own, because one of our great editors will be able splice your film into a message delivery system of unparalleled magnitude. And that’s big!

So you’re going to need some text on your video, the odd graph or pie chart, maybe? Well, no problem, we can get these looking lovely and groovy, and we’ll use your brand styles, fonts and colours to make sure everyone knows – it’s your video!

Sometimes your graphics are just going to have to get out of control, but don’t worry, this is called animation. We have just the right team of animators who can lasso, reign in and ride these wild beasts all the way home.

Chances are, you’re going to want people to watch your final film, and that’s probably going to involve some new fangled computer, web thing. But never fear, we’ll sort it out for you; QuickTime, AVI, FLV, WMV, OMFI, HTML, HSBC, FROG ... whatever you want; if you want it to appear on a computer (post-it note stuck to the front?), we can do it.

You may even want your film on some “old-school” physical format? That’s either going to be a professional master format: HD tape, disc or hard drive. Or you’re going to want some form of BluRay, DVD, or USB Stick.

But how about a nice cover and a pretty box to make someone pick it up in the first place? Branding on your stick? We’ll even print on the disc so when you find it in your machine three weeks later, you can figure out what it is.

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