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Film & Photography, Anglesey, North Wales - we produce high quality 2D imagery and 3D digital imagery from illustration, photography, film and 3D modelling.  Bring your products or services alive using 3D or 2D digital imagery. Advertisement, public consultation, media and architecture, and more, can all benefit by utilising the power of imagery. We are based  on the Beautiful isle of Anglesey, Ynys Môn in welsh, North Wales, but have clients all over the UK.

Mon3d - Film and Photography, Anglesey, North wales
We are so lucky to be based on the lovely Island of Anglesey, North Wales. We are surrounded by views that can only inspire a creative mind. For Film and photography its an idyllic venue to create awesome imagery.

Product Photography
Our product digital film & photography service will provide you with high quality imagery for print or web based sales We can design and build sets and light it to specifically show the subject at its best.

Landscape Photography
Our Landscape digital film & photography services can provide you with those luxury backdrops  for your marketing needs. We happen to be located in one of the most scenic areas of Wales, so why not use that to show off your service.

Abstract Photography
Our abstract digital film & photography can provide those unique images that sets your product apart from the competition. Illustration trained, I can build an image using many forms of media, including drawn, photographed, text and materials.

Digital film & Photography Retouching
With 20 years photoshop experience we can help you improve, manipulate and edit your imagery for all your marketing needs. Experienced in 3d modelling and CGI, we can create practically anything and composite many layers together.

Mon3d - 3d Modelling Anglesey, North wales
Digital 3D imagery and modelling is the process of creating a three dimensional object that represents something that is real, going to be real or something fictitious. It can be manipulated in 3d space, can be used in an animation or simply rendered out as a 2d image. Your imagination is the only limitation. Mon3d can help you create your vision with 2d imagery and 3D imagery and bring it to life as an image, animation or 3d print.

Architectural 3D Modelling
Architectural 3D modelling, visualisation and building information modelling (BIM) is fast becoming the norm in architectural and engineering works. Used for planning building schedules, public consultations and planning applications are just a few instances where 3D architectural modelling can be a real benefit.

Landscape modelling
Landscape modelling can form the basis for many architectural models. Accurate 3D landscape models can be translated into many formats and ideal for use in Global information systems (GIS) All our landscape modelling is geo referenced to Ordnance survey Grid. We can use of the shelf data or survey the area ourselves using the latest in drone technology and GPS systems.

Sculptural Modelling
High level 3d sculptural modelling is the more artistic form of digital 3d modelling, anything can be modelled. A high level of skill is needed. Its sculpture using the computer as a form of digital clay. Models can be used in visualisation, animations, games, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications.


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