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About WbAV Productions

We're a Berkshire based video production house set up to meet the needs of today's business. We've years of experience on both sides of the camera and know what it takes whether its a case study, customer testimonial or launching a new product.

We're especially adept at technical videos where complex concepts or operations need to be conveyed. We produce scripts, titles, animations as well as technical sets for product demonstrations. We can work in industrial environments with specialist equipment to capture the large, the small, the fast and the very slow.

These days, video really helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), video helps get customers to your web site. Furthermore, today's buyers are visually oriented; video communicates your message faster and works across vital social and business media channels. We offer an affordable service with monthly retainer options to ensure that video is not a one off but truly integrated into your communications plan.

How much will it cost?
You may be pleasantly surprised at how much quality can be achieved for a reasonable cost. The nature of video, products and people mean that is it difficult to quantify costs for any project on a website.

Given that, we'll have a go here:
  • Script Writing - £360 per day
  • On Site Video and Photography - 1 crew - £420 per day
  • On Site Video and Photography - 2 crew - £620 per day
  • Editing and Titling - £360 per day
  • 3D Modeling - £420 per day
  • Set Building - Materials + £360 per day
  • Web, CGI and Motion Coding - Materials + £400 per day

Your Corporate Video
A great corporate video starts long before the cameras roll: here at WbAV Productions we look and listen to who you are and what you what to achieve. We distill this down into great looking videos that work hard for your business. We can manage the whole process from outline to optimisation for all the myriad channels.

We're especially good at working with people who whilst not natural performers are the best in their field. We seek to find the great things they say and help them articulate your processes and products.

We build animated graphs, diagrams and flow charts to illustrate the concepts you wish to get across.

Not all videos are about products, things like customers, processes and management interviews are all part of the mix. We carry all the right equipment for well lit interviews with crystal clear sound. We'll make the best of your video interviews from your CEO to customer testemonials.

Product Videos
From fashion retailing to software and electronics, users buy more and feel more engaged with your products when they see them on video. We have bespoke lit turnables that give great 360º product shots. We make it affordable for you to add video to your ecommerce site through innovative charging models.

For printed materials and the web, good photography helps to illustrate and position your company and its products.

Copyright Issues
We understand the automatic tagging schemes that are used across all types of social media. We know that when YouTube tags an audio track as something else, you can't complain to YouTube.

We build custom tracks using the lastest audio-toolkits, the high quality sounds are often the same used in commercial music. We're used to the process, and have many contacts across the publishers so that we can deal with misclassification in hours rather than weeks.

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