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About Leapfrog Animation

About us
It all started sometime in the mid 70s when the founder of Leapfrog Animation, Mark Peberdy, was a kid making flick books and simple thaumatropes (bird in a cage optical illusion) and became obsessed with zootropes, victorian magic lanterns, shadow puppets and all things Ray Harryhausen, it was the 70s afterall!

Fast forward...
Leapfrog Animation came into being in in its current form in 2011. We produce high production, bespoke and hand-drawn animation for organisations that want to engage and inspire their target audience.

We support communications teams, project leaders and company directors in sharing their message through animation. This helps them to attract new visitors to their website as well as retaining their existing clients too.

Animate your message
Our animations are designed around your unique needs, the production is built around the messages and narratives from your business or organisation. Although viewing habits change with technology, humans still like to be entertained, told a story, shown a human side to a company – the ‘people buy people’ factor still applies. Our animations have the ability to do all of this.

Increase your video marketing
Our research and our clients tell us that our animations drive traffic to websites. Once you have a visitor you need to ensure you don’t lose them – you can use animated web video to keep visitors on your website and make your website a genuinely.

Connect with your audience, visually
Our animation process is designed to take business language and add life to it making it more palatable and enjoyable for your viewers. We are experts in making senior management level information more engaging and even entertaining with the use of beautiful, bespoke artwork. You can see examples of this on our animation and motion graphics portfolio.

Want something beautiful and effective?
We run animation projects with our clients to show off their best. Sometimes this is about a succinct message and the technical know how to get that onto the screen. Sometimes this is about humour, personality and creativity. We know the balance and enjoy working with you to make it work for you. The fact that we do, is probably why people keep coming back to us.

Let us help you take your marketing up a gear
You need an animated video partner that you can trust to be as passionate and enthusiastic about your business as you are, and that’s where we come in. We’ve been making and creating web video content since way back in 2002!

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