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About Aerosnapper Ltd Drone Filming

A New Perspective
Aerosnapper are able to offer a new perspective on Photography and Videography. Using the latest remotely operated Aerial Camera Platforms, we are able to provide the footage you need to showcase your business or event. Our Pilots are trained by one of the Leading CAA approved NQE’s in the UK and hold the required Permissions issued by the CAA. We are also familiar with gaining CAA exemptions for flights in Restricted Airspace.

Aerial Photography & Videography
We are able to shoot both stills and moving pictures from an elevated position. We film in 4K UHD. These can be used for a wide variety of applications from marketing to surveying and inspections. Using remotely operated camera platforms we can also access hazardous areas without putting people or expensive equipment at Risk.

Through our parent company, ‘Telaren Project Solutions Ltd’, we have gained many years of experience working in a wide range of industries, which include; Pharmaceutical, Nuclear, Local Council, Amusement / Theme Parks, Construction & Travel to name but a few. We also work closely with local Charities, Schools and Children’s Clubs (Scouts, Guides etc).

All our projects are planned in detail and agreed with the client prior to start. We manage all aspects of the project and tailor to your needs. We are able to provide RAW imagery, as shot or can provide productions using the latest software eg. Adobe Creative Cloud & other specialist packages.

We are based in West Cumbria, on the edge of the Lake District National Park but are able to operate around the UK.

Other Services
In addition to our Aerial services we also offer Ground Based Filming and Photography for Corporate or private projects. See our listing under Corporate Filming.

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