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About Sky Vantage Productions Aerial Filming

“I am the director & chief Pilot at SVP; having worked in the industry with other professionals for many years, I have a true appreciation for the new technology and vantage points that drones provide. Our aim is to capture spectacular shots efficiently for clients with minimal cost compared to hiring a helicopter.”


Specialists in Aerial Filming services, working up and down the UK.
We invest heavily in the latest technology to ensure that we get the best aerial footage for our clients.

Our camera produces super sharp aerial imagery. A true aerial vantage point provides limitless possibilities, often from never seen before angles.

Working alongside farmers and land-agents to provide an aerial archive of land boundaries through accurate mapping, promotional footage, 3D terrain modelling & surveying.

Showcasing the very best angles of property for sale. Aerial filming and ground filming available. What was an expensive option is now very cost effective & a great return on your investment.

Videos are one of the most effective ways to promote your product or service. Engaging promotional footage for digitally enhancing any business or organisation; for web exposure or TV/Film.

Production and editing to client specification. Our creative approach ensures every moment on film is highlighted in the best light keeping your audience engaged.

Experienced team

Drones in Northumberland
Sky Vantage Productions is a Northumberland based aerial filming company, specialists in aerial photography and video – which is available in High Definition, 4K and Raw footage. We travel throughout the UK capturing spectacular aerial views using the latest in drone camera technology.

Our approach to remote aerial filming is creative, pro-active but above all safe. SVP believe that safety is paramount and we will work with you to ensure your event, production or location is filmed without causing any damage or stress to those around.

Aerial Filming
We know that timing is key and not all shoots will allow for a second take; that is why we have the option of a two man crew, the drone pilot and dedicated cameraman or woman of course. Whilst on location we give you the option to review our footage there and then, ensuring every angle is taken into consideration and no essential shots are missed.

Drones offer rapid deployment and are at a fraction of the cost compared to hiring a full size helicopter, why not give us a call today for a friendly chat about using a drone for your project whether it be for promotional material or for Tv and Film.


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