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About Aviation Filming Aces High

As specialists in TV and Film Aerial Coordination, we’ve been helping Advertising Execs and TV and Film Producers achieve the aviation shots they’ve wanted for over 30 years. With credits on Inception, Red 2, Breathe, The Monuments Men, Fury, Band of Brothers and the last 8 James Bond films Aces High (Aviation Filming) is the first port of call for your film aviation needs.

As well as utilising our own fleet of aircraft and props we have advised upon and sourced hundreds of other aircraft and helicopters for the smallest ad campaign to the largest Hollywood blockbuster. We have a vast selection of Hollywood build sets including a commercial airliner, a Black Hawk Helicopter, Private Jets, Fighter plane cockpits and many more.

Our flagship aircraft is the Dunsfold 747, a plane solely used for the purposes of filming and kitted out for filmmakers. Close to London, it’s fully equipped, lit and ready for you to shoot on.

We’ll help with advice on aviation locations, the regulatory organisations, operating licences and insurance to allow filming to take place legally and safely.

Above all else, we’re experts at balancing the demands of the creative alongside the realities of the legal/practical, to produce the shots you want, safely and on budget.

We work with projects of all sizes and we will work with you to achieve your aviation needs. As a team we’re enthusiastic, knowledgeable, creative and approachable.

Sometimes we’re asked to work as a consultancy on a simple daily rate and sometimes we’re shown the storyboards and asked to provide everything in one all-encompassing quotation. Whichever profile suits you best, we’d love to be involved with your production.

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Filming with Aircraft has never been easier

Aces High the UK's leading experts for aviation in TV and film has now added new aviation film sets to our expanding scene dock. This includes a Black Hawk Helicopter, 2 Private Jets and a Commercial Airliner. All are of the highest Holloywood quality build and are easily transportable to studios across the country / Europe. For images and more information check out our website and our FB page -
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