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About Kite Vision

Kite Vision is an aerial video and photography business based near the Cornwall and Devon border. Combining high quality camera equipment with Drone Technology, we provide breathtaking aerial video and photography from a unique perspective whilst also delivering professional video solutions from the ground.

At Kite Vision we are skilled and experienced in all aspects of content creation and our filming and editing techniques are just as important to us as our aerial proficiency.

Our range of kit

For us the Inspire 1 pro is the perfect blend of manoeuvrability and professional camera control.

Shooting perfectly smooth pin-sharp 4K footage with 13 stops of dynamic range, as well as 16 megapixel DNG RAW stills this machine can truly deliver professional quality images. With wireless focus, aperture, Iso and shutter control combined with interchangeable lenses this is one versatile aerial video platform.

With a dual operator system one member of the team can fly the drone whilst another member controls the camera and gimbal, allowing for some truly dynamic shots. Small enough to fly where some can't but powerful enough to tackle some pretty high winds the Inspire 1 Pro is our go to machine.

DJI Phantom 2
When your chosen shoot requires more of a run and gun approach, the Phantom is the perfect tool. Small, durable and super fast set up times make this the ideal machine.

Small but mighty, the Phantom still produces 12 megapixel stills and video footage up to 2.7k resolution.


Our aerial videography and photography services are perfect for many sporting activities where traditional filming techniques dont allow for the best persepctive.

Out sailing or surfing in the ocean? We can go there and just about anywhere else to get the perfect shot.

With dual operator controls we can capture truly dynamic camera movements from the sky. This combined with the ability to fly in previously unreachable locations, make our drones the perfect tool to capture your sporting event.

Holding an event in a breathtaking location? Getting married and want to add something special to your video or photographs?

An aerial perspective could be the perfect idea.

The 3 axis gimbal we use to stabilize our camera in-flight delivers perfectly smooth 4K footage from newly affordable heights.

Property videos
We provide slick, creative, high quality videos for your properties and surrounding areas. We film and photograph on the ground and in the sky, providing you with a full range of services for your selling requirements. As professionals in this field we pride ourselves on providing films and photos with quality and marketing in mind. From planning to delivery, every project we work on is professional and efficient, creating a highly polished end product.

What we offer:
  • Exterior Aerial Filming
  • Interior and Exterior, Property video trailers utilising our film
  • stabilisation rig for smooth property walkthroughs
  • Exterior Aerial photography
  • Interior and Exterior, Wide Angle Photography
  • Area Videos - letting buyers see the area that suits them

Business Promotion
Does your business operate on a massive scale? A paintball arena? A quad bike centre? Showing off the true scale of what you have to offer couldnt be easier than with our drones.

If thats not quite you we also provide film solutions on the ground, so whether your a small family run business or you're expanding day by day, we can create promotional content to really set you apart from your competitors.

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