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Global Aerial Photography Scotland
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About Global Aerial Photography Scotland

Global Aerial Photography Ltd - Amazing high quality broadcast / cinema quality aerial video production and UAV aerial photography

All pilots at AerialScotland, by Global Aerial Photography Ltd are Civil Aviation Authority approved UAV (Drone) operators. AerialScotland uses the DJI Inspire X5R aircraft, this produces stunning video for TV, Film and other commercial uses. Following the regulatory framework prescribed by the CAA, we can capture images and video almost anywhere - Scotland, Europe, Worldwide.

For TV and film industries:
We work with film production companies and broadcast production companies to produce high quality video. Whether the client requires boat to boat action in the sea, event video, aerial video on a film set, thats what we do best. Video goes onto the SSD as CinemaRaw dng, processed and exported as you wish.
For Construction and commercial property:
From Glasgow to London, Wick to Exeter Global Aerial Photography Ltd can be on a site within 48 Hours of the assignment booking. We can create seamless stitched megapixel images for huge wall reproductions, 3d maps that can be rotated/panned on a PC and printed and simple aerial images for planning and design.

For Private Homes and Estate Agents:
Single family homes or large estates, we have the hardware and manpower to make the most of what is being marketed. We can also do ground images from full frame cameras, so can do the whole aerial and ground package on your behalf! Global Aerial Photography Ltd operates a White Label service for those who like to outsource seamlessly.

How we do it
All aircraft used by Global Aerial Photography Ltd have telemetry attached, which not only shows the system status such as power, but it is also possible to see what the camera can see. We welcome clients input on site, and it is possible for the client to see what the camera is photographing/videoing on the monitor.

After a risk assessment, and site assessment, we secure the area that is being worked within using cones, signage is also erected to minimise any potential incursions.

A final check of the immediate area and weather, and the machine intended for use is checked and prepared for takeoff. After takeoff the machine is maneuvered into position and the video/photographs are captured. The aircraft is brought down for a change of battery or after the assignment is complete.

The site is cleared and footage/images/ are processed for next day delivery by email (Zip format) to the client. On longer visits or for clients who request it, the images/video can be sent on ZIP drive by courier.

Images can be processed or left "flat" as RAW images. Video files can be processed or delivered unprocessed in the format requested by the client.

Products / Services / Credits

  • Vertical aerial imaging
  • General aerial photography

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