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Stockroom London Film Archive & Storage

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Stockroom London Film Archive & Storage
+44 (0)20 7394 2555
Cannon House,
Cadogan Road,
Royal Arsenal Riverside,
SE18 6LB,

About Stockroom London Film Archive & Storage

Film and Video
We specialise in storing video and audio tapes, film negative and all associated materials, including contracts, artwork and even props and furniture. We do this for advertising agencies, production and post-production companies, private archive collections and also count legal and property companies too among our clients.

We dedicate a zone to you in our warehouse where all your materials are kept. They are not intermingled with materials from other clients, as is often the norm with other storage companies.

Data - Hard Drive and LTO storage
The Stockroom will transfer your hard drives to LTO tape and will then include five years storage of the LTO tape as part of the package.

Stockroom London offers robust offline, nearline and online storage solutions to meet all requirements from instant online access to your media and data to highly robust and reliable industrial offline data storage.

General Storage
Our clients not only trust us with their film, tape and data storage, we also store many more general items for them, too. This can include props, studio equipment, shop displays, pool tables, juke boxes, Christmas trees as well as normal office materials. We give our clients the option to de-clutter their offices and liberate expensive real estate for more profitable operations.

Connected Workspace
The Stockroom has dark fibre connectivity provided by Zayo networks, we are 'on net' and can offer a pure bandwidth, unhindered by traffic bottlenecks. With 10,000 square feet of secure space and an electricity sub-station on site, we can host any operation or project that requires, space, power and connectivity such as ingest, scanning and uploading operations, disaster recovery operations and hosting server and storage co-location projects. We are flexible in our approach and can 'flex' to fit your project requirements.

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