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About UAS Flight Ops Aerial Filming

UAS Flight Ops are specialist drone operators. With over 20 years of military experience UAS Flight Ops utilise the versatility of drones or unmanned aircraft to provide aerial surveillance, surveying, filming and photography services. Drones allow UAS Flight Ops to provide cost effective solutions to any arena reducing the health and safety risks and bringing in considerable time and cost savings for almost any project.

  • Aerial Surveillance & Security
    Use a drone to improve your security around your premises or at your event

  • Filming
    Use a drone to take 4k resolution filming, event, advertising and promotional video making to a whole new level

  • Land / Site / Building Survey and inspection
    Use a drone equipped with Thermal and Infra-Red Survey Technology for Agricultural and Construction work

  • Search & Rescue
    Use a drone for disaster and incident support and save lives

  • Photography
    Use a drone for unique photography and get the ultimate aerial solution

  • Structure & Building survey/Inspection
    Use a drone for cost effective and thorough building surveys with Infra-Red and Thermal Technology

Drones or Unmanned Aircraft are among the most versatile of machines and applications for their use are changing and increasing daily. UAS Flight Ops evaluates and considers all sectors that could benefit from the use of drones and expertise. We are always open to new opportunities and should you believe there is an area where our service could be of benefit or if you have a need where a drone may work for you please contact us.

At UAS Flight Ops we are always looking at delivering innovative solutions by looking at a need from a different perspective where only an unmanned drone can deliver an outstanding result.


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