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About Universal Language Solutions Ltd

We are a leading global supplier of subtitling, voice-over and translation services, offering a broad range of services in more than 140 languages. Our professional team is highly skilled and able to turn work around quickly to meet your deadline without compromising on quality.

We take pride in providing reliable and bespoke translations what we deliver is always accurate and meaningful. Our professional team all have expert accreditation and are well trained and highly skilled at what they do.

Subtitling and captioning
We are on a mission to make VOD and online broadcasts more accessible and truly international. Subtitling is a quick and cost-effective way to reach a global audience. We provide subtitling and monolingual captioning in more than 80 languages in the format of your choice. We can offer a fast turnaround at competitive rates.

Multilingual voice-over
We are a low-cost solution that brings together the perfection of 100,000+ highly talented voice-over professionals and the veracity of the latest tools and technology to offer quality recordings. Our voice-over services include presentations, videos, interviews, training content, advertising, television/radio shows and audio tours.

We provide professional transcriptions for clients from a range of source material in the original source language, and in as many languages as required. We can provide transcriptions from digital and analogue television, radio, live performance recording, political speeches, and business, education and conference presentations.

At Universal Language Solutions, we are specialists in Document Translation. Our professional translators work on thousands of business, academic, technical, medical and personal documents every year, translating into more than 100 different languages. We are proud to provide every client with a bespoke and highly efficient service. All our translators are well-trained, highly skilled and have expert professional accreditation.

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