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About CineFlite

CineFlite is a leading provider of camera drone aerial filming. Based in Bristol, but globally mobile, we deliver high-end aerial cinematography for cinema, television and commercial clients.

Our in-house team has put together a range of aerial platforms and cameras specially designed for any application or budget, be it feature film or online media. We are constantly improving our aerial platforms to ensure we are using best-of-breed hardware and software.

Located at the centre of one of Britain’s largest media hubs, with easy access to several international airports, we can operate our aerial filming services anywhere within the UK or around the world.

We operate a fleet of remote-controlled multi-rotor aerial filming drones each with state-of-the art camera stabilization systems. Whilst no other aerial filming system comes close to our S1000 octocopter for dynamic, high-end aerial cinematography, our Inspire 1 provides total creative control and mobility, and the F550 hexacopter is perfect when a more nimble and cost-effective filming solution is needed.

Pixel perfect stability and fluid motion control is extremely important for any production. And so we only use aerial filming drones and handheld gimbals designed to work with the cameras being used. This way we are able to achieve stunning aerial shots that don’t require expensive fixing in post-production. Right now our aerial filming drones fly the Panasonic GH4, and GoPro Hero 4, with more cameras on the way.

The quality of the groundstation says everything about the professionalism of the drone’s flight crew. Where possible we use digital HD wireless video transmitters and receivers with a low latency range of up to 1.7km. In Whilst our aerial filming drones are in the air, Directors and other crew can watch and direct shots in real-time on their own monitor. The drone and camera equipment all pack down into just a handful of Peli cases for easy mobility in difficult terrain.

Our Services

Aerial Cinematography
Get the Hollywood look without paying a blockbuster budget. We offer the easiest way to instantly raise the production value of any film or TV project.

Photographic Stills
Whether its aerial stills or stitched panoramic photos, our aircraft allow you to get the shot you need from otherwise unobtainable angles.

Live Broadcasting
Using our lightweight aircraft we can broadcast a high-quality, real-time digital HD signal to multiple receivers on the ground up to 1.7km away.

Editing & Soundtrack
Publish your new footage right away by allowing our experienced editing team to give your film the professional finish and soundtrack it deserves.

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