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About Octovision Media Ltd

Why Choose Octovision Media
Aerial Media is becoming an ever-more-popular tool. Here we explain why we are one of the best around...

We are not a photography studio nor do we sell cameras or drones - we ONLY do Aerial work with UAVs.

Our pilots are fully BNUC-S qualified, CAA certified for Aerial work and possessing a Construction Skills Certificate Scheme affiliation for all building projects.

We are also a member of the Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.

Our Services
High-res, HDR Aerial stills Photography & Up to 4K Ultra-HD Aerial Videography.

Any business or personal application - Aerial Media will add another dimension...

Estate agents' internal and external 360 degree property show reels and virtual tours.

Structural surveys: building projects, large scale construction works, environmental developments, agricultural plot assessments and crop analysis.

Investigative surveys and studies for industries such as mining, excavation, quarries and archeological sites.

Media and leisure industry - sporting events or performances, golf, equestrian and marathon course overviews for training and promotional purposes.

Landscape and architectural shots (before and after) for builders, designers and customers.

3D mapping and thermal imaging.

Live feeds - streamed direct from the drone whilst in flight we can deliver the client and ourselves full in-flight live footage and stills - allowing full control and expert framing.

Our in-house technicians will supply raw footage - however, we can also work with you to develop fully edited video with music, graphic/logo idents and copy.

Events and special occasions
Corporate and/or private - raw footage gained which we can edit - or you can edit and distribute how you choose.

Weddings, birthdays, proms or whatever event or celebration, a "Dronie" is the in thing.

Real Estate
Estate agents and home buyers want to see property from every angle. Also show the surrounding area to prospective buyers.

We can provide external 360 degree property showreels and virtual tours.

Get before and after footage of your development. From large scale construction works, enviromental developments, and town planning, make your scheme stand out.

TV and Web Stock footage
We can provide aerial footage for your promotional web videos or for your TV projects. We love working with other creative media and technology companies.

Inspection work
Save time and money for all your high level inspection requirements. Direct feed can be sent anywhere in the world.

Safer, faster and cost effective.

Aerial footage can show your business from a completely new perspective.

Hull Karting saw an increase in bookings after posting this image on Facebook.

We can capture footage at sports events previously only expensive helicopters could achieve. We can also stream our footage direct to anywhere in the world.
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