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About Skyvr - Professional Aerial Filming|Photography

Skyvr provide HD/4K broadcast aerial filming services for a wide variety of uses and to a broad range of customers using state-of-the-art drones.

Our pilots are all professionals with a CAA Permit for Aerial Work and many years of experience flying a range of aircraft to achieve amazing results in the broadcast industry. Our camera operators have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in the broadcast space and have delivered some of the most spectacular aerial shots over the past few years using ever evolving aircraft that we built, test and operate ourselves.

We understand what's needed to get the best shot safely, so a lot of attention is paid to delivering a quality product for our customers that exceeds all their expectations. Our drones can carry anything from a Go Pro through to Red Epic and can operate in congested areas such as central London with ease. In fact, we have become specialist in working in some of the most challenging environments and understand what's needed to get the right permissions and adhere to the strictest safety standards at all times.

We develop our drones ourselves to exacting standards that allow us to operate in extreme conditions and remote locations for extended periods of time. As demand for drone shots grows, we have come up with ever more advanced ways of getting the best shots in ways that others cannot.

In a competitive market, pricing plays a big part in the decision to use drones. We not only keep our pricing simple, but will guarantee to beat any leading provider offering the same platform and service. Our ethos is to deliver the best and build long-term relationships with our customers. Call us anytime for an informal chat and advice.

Our permissions allow us to fly up to 400ft above take off and 500m away from the pilot. We can operate day or night and have the ability to travel anywhere in the world.

Our drones can be configured for 1 or 2-man operation with a dedicated camera operator. We provide a live video stream to the ground with multiple monitors allowing you to direct us to the shot that you want and work through options live. We can deploy very quickly and carry generators in our vehicles allowing us to remain operational all day and night, if required!

In addition to aerial filming we offer high resolution aerial stills from dedicated drones and super-lightweight stedicam systems to capture amazing action shots.
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