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About Surface 2 Air Aerial Filming

Surface 2 Air Media Ltd are based in London and the South East of England. We are a unique blend of skilled/licensed professionals whose sole purpose is to create dramatic and breathtaking cinematography for a whole range of clients. We specialise in both ground and aerial filming/photography and 360° virtual tours using state of the art remote controlled cars, UAVs (commonly known as drones), camera stabilising gimbals, telescopic masts and flylines (Cable Cam).

This multitude of platforms allows us to provide a huge spectrum of dynamic shots that can be used both in the broadcast and commercial industries. We have over 20 years experience in the film and TV industry and offer full post production services. All of our pilots and aircraft are BNUCs certified and have "permissions for aerial work" granted by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).

  • UAVs
  • Tero
  • MōVI (10 & 15)
  • Flyline (Cable Cam)
  • Telescopic mast
  • Cameras


360° Virtual Tours
Surface 2 Air Media produce 360° virtual tours from both the ground and air. They are by far the best way to show the scale and detail of any site in its entirety and can also help with future development. Whilst viewing the 360° virtual tour from the air the viewer can also be taken to ground level by simply clicking on a "hot spot".

Film & Broadcast
Surface 2 Air Media can achieve high production level shots at a lower cost. Using our heavy lift UAV and Tero Car we can carry large production cameras on our Freefly MōVI 10 (3-axis gimbal). We can also provide high speed ground tracking, unlimited dolly, crane and low altitude aerial shots which used to only be associated with large budget productions.

Post Production
Surface 2 Air Media has over 20 years of Film and TV broadcast post production experience working with Avid, FCP (Final Cut Pro) and Adobe Premiere. We provide full post production services i.e. broadcast level editing, stabilising of shots, grading, media management, sound design, transcoding and animated graphics.

Festivals & Events
Surface 2 Air Media can provide a full production for your up coming event and enable you to show it from a totally new and dynamic perspective. Using aerial footage and images you can showcase the size of your event and also use them in the planning of layouts, routes and attractions for future events.

CGI & Artist Impressions
CGI artist impressions are an ingenious way of showing how future development of any site will look. They are produced by firstly by taking high resolution aerial photographs of a site. These are then passed on to our graphics team who work from blue-prints to composite CGI images i.e. buildings, roads and landscape gardens over top of them.

Commercial Property
Aerial pictures provide a powerful marketing tool for commercial properties. They show not only the scale of a building, but also highlight features such as access to roads, parking facilities and loading bays. Surface 2 Air Media specialise in providing outstanding pictures of commercial and industrial properties as well as office, retail units and land for potential development.

Construction Sites
Surface 2 Air Media’s aircrafts and masts can take overhead photographs of construction sites. They can show you the construction process, and also give the ability to see the whole construction site within one image. This allows the client to track the over all progress of any construction project.

Estate Agents
By adding this third dimension you can use aerial photos or video to reveal not just the property, but the scale of the grounds it’s built on. This will show potential buyers the size and scope of the property your advertising.


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