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Tim Curtis

About DroneWorks Aerial Filming

Aerial imaging adds an exciting dimension to any production.
Landscapes, property, golf courses, yachts, cars, most things can look incredible from the sky.

"I have been using drones with cameras for around five years now and I am still blown away with the results.

As a professional broadcast Cameraman with over 20 years of experience filming around the globe I have spent a lot of time in expensive helicopters or clambering up church towers and mountain ranges looking for that perfect top shot.

Now with the advance of drones I can get a much more intimate and usually less time consuming perspective on most shoots."

- Tim Curtis, Chief Cameraman and UAV Pilot, DroneWorks.UK

We offer a one or two person crew shooting HD or 4K footage with the DJI Inspire / X5 camera

or DJI Phantom 3 Pro and will complete the pre-shoot paperwork and requirements

to help make your shoot a safe, legal and successful one.

Talk to us about aerial filming or stills for your project.

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