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Yudle Animation
0800 211 8571
Yudle HQ, Suite E4 The Abbey Business Centre,
Preston Road,
Yeovil, Somerset,
BA20 2EN,

About Yudle Animation

Yudle is a trading brand of Drawmill Ltd, created to fulfil the increasing demand for commercially focused B2B and B2C animated explainer videos, corporate presentations, training and marketing videos. Our parent company Drawmill Ltd remains rooted firmly on producing high-end 2D broadcast animation and short independent films.

Yudle specialise in creating engaging explainer videos including whiteboard animations, motion graphics and 2D animated explainer videos. We also work alongside production companies to incorporate motion graphics and animation into live video productions. Additionally we produce stunning parallax photo effects using Adobe After Effects.

We’ll take on pretty much anything that involves animation and have plenty of experience, not to mention years of marketing experience that sets us apart from mere creatives, making us ideally suited to ensure that your video is correctly targeted and contains the right balance of information and engagement.

Our service typically involves the writing of and tuning of existing scripts, storyboarding, supply of voice overs and backing music where applicable, and the production of high quality animated videos.

Our animated videos are the perfect way to grab the attention of your audience and get your message across, and our flexible service is perfect for businesses and organisations of all sizes and budgets. We will work with you to explain every step of the process, from conception to completion of an engaging and memorable video for your company or organisation.

So if you’re looking for the best way to grab and retain your audiences attention contact us today on 0800 211 8571 or visit

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Company News

E4 estings 2015 competition entry

For those of you not familiar with the annual E4 estings competition, this is where E4 allow anyone to have a go at creating a short clip used as a commercial to promote the E4 channel between shows. It’s a great opportunity for anyone to let their imagination run riot with a relatively loose criteria to create something that’s 10 seconds long and includes the E4 logo, this can be live action, animation or a mixture.

This year we went with a Frogger inspired creation, a 1980’s arcade game classic with our own unique E4 twist.

Check out our video here:
Location of Yudle Animation